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1/1000 [Zbąszyń:Poland]

1/1000 Photographs present the inhabitant of the building. The exhibition takes place through special projectors enabling extremely short (1/1000 second) image exposure, only at the moment of the camera flash release. This way, the human eye can register an event, but will not be able to accurately read the image. Watching it in its entirety will be allowed only by an appropriate place to photograph with flash when the viewer's camera registers a projected image. The project is an attempt to remove images from the real world and make it virtual by using extremely short (almost subliminal) real-time exposure. In a way, as if to create a parallel reality, almost identical, but containing a value that is accompanied by the appearance of the interference of these two worlds. Minimal impact on location, whether at the moment of collecting the material as well as during the exposure. Despite the negligible impact on the appearance of the selected area made ​​its full discov