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Alloy [WAR:miejsce sztuki44/FAMA 2017:Świnoujście:Poland]

Alloy installation/object, 2017, extruders, electronic driver, PLA, plywood Aliaż instalacja/obiekt, 2017, ekstrudery, elektroniczny układ sterujący, PLA, sklejka [ scroll down for description ] Alloy  is a continuation of the deliberations on three-dimensional print, in which deconstruction of the process takes place. The final object, based on the basics of the technology and using its compound elements, entirely loses its functional meaning. Only the two elements used for extruding material are extracted from the device [FDM printer] and posed opposite each other. Controlling the position was eliminated from the process, and the structure increase is based on variable physical factors. The lack of direct control over the movement of the print heads and their rigid attachment to the walls of the object eliminates the possibility of creating a strictly determined form. Control is limited to the most basic of functions, i.e. maintaining the proper temperature of the p