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MemFlux []

MemFlux is a generative approach to the artist's exploration of light as the essence of photography – a crucial factor in image creation. Vibrant lights react to each other's presence and create a visual play of abstract murmuration. Based on deterministic values behaviors change and can be observed in the process. The constant, infinite motion resembles structures inspired by natural phenomena. MemFlux sample output, long-form generative infinite animation, still, 2023, dimensions variable MemFlux  consists of 25 color palettes and 5 visual modes that bring a wide variety of visual outputs. The sky feature is based on a texture that affects the image detail, introducing a more organic and diverse landscape of colors. The movement and interaction between elements result from collective behaviors and create a dynamic swarm of entities, whose aggregate parameters affect the overall image. MemFlux sample output, long-form generative infinite animation,
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Totem [New Spirituality:Mark Rothko Art Center:Daugavpils:Latvia]

Totem is a conceptual deliberation on the subject of spirituality in modern society. The name 'totem' relates to the idea of one's venerated deity, guardian, virtue, or in other words – beliefs in general. In this context totems don't have to be perceived as animalistic sculptures, or visualized spirits, but rather as a value that's in a way worshiped and crucial in one's life. It might represent anything, such as the closest like family, friends, and loved ones, through material values, wealth, career, and finishing on purely abstract virtues, spirits, or deities. The Totem is a generative 3D object – each viewer has their own individual experience. The generated features are based on the unique user identification number that is extracted from their device. ID is created based on available data such as device type, operating system, web browser, language, hardware configuration, etc. This way every visitor gets the

Populations & DePopulation [Numeric Art:Gdańsk:Poland]

Populations & DePopulation , general view | Populacje & DePopulacja , widok ogólny ekspozycji The "Populations" cycle of objects is based on mathematical algorithms strongly correlated with the reality of living nature. The form and parametric topology were created using tools designed for building and analyzing urban systems, with the final shape given by the mechanized process of spatial printing. The cycle consists of 18 3D prints placed inside Petri dishes – laboratory vessels designed for the cultivation of microorganisms. The source of the form was the division of the plane by the Voronoi tessellation, and its complement – the physical record of the process. The moving printing head left a trace of its movement in the form of thin fibers, creating a unique network of connections between the object's points. The digitally generated and "soulless

Ingress []

Ingress is an immersive, interactive virtual space filled with color and lights. A visitor stands in the middle of the synthetic space with nothing to define their orientation or the interior scale. Sight direction might be an initial clue to the positioning, but as it turns out, in some cases, it would be misleading. Floating, pulsating and blending lights either close the surroundings or open it to infinity. Even though there are no restrictions in viewing direction, the visitor's position is bonded to the center. Ingress digital image, still, 2022, dimensions variable const void; let light; let expanse; project = {   "animated" : true,   "generative" : true,   "immersive" : true } function encounter() {   return; } Genesis The basic concept for Ingress  appeared during the time of working on Chroma Theory . An erratic rendering of the shader experiment was so inspiring, that I promised my

Dark Chroma Theory []

Dark Chroma Theory is a collection of 16, 10-seconds loop animations based on color theory. Dark Chroma Theory project is a revision of Chroma Theory published on Art Blocks.

Chroma Theory []

Chroma Theory is an infinite scripted digital animation that is based on color theory. All of the spots visible in a single rendering are subject to the rules of perception, mixing, matching, or contrasting colors.

Ex-machina [solo exhibition:Baszta Gallery:Zbąszyń:Poland]

Ex-machina is a solo exhibition in Baszta Gallery in Zbąszyń, Poland. The leitmotiv of the show is the author's device Machine Creative , which was used to create and present other objects.  The idea behind Machine Creative  was to build a device that would function as a creator, replicating the process from human-machine relation to machine-object creation. An artist, a creator, replaced by a device is not a new idea. However, it is still an issue to determine where the creative process comes from and how it exactly works. With all the knowledge, it still resembles a mystery. The process is reflected in the exhibition. Machine Creative  produces objects from which all are different and each is unique. Although the mechanism is designed to extrude the material steadily, the filament is uniform and the extrusion is protected from external factors, every creation is one of a kind. The device was used to

Dream collection [Experyment:Zbąszyń:Poland]

The  Dream collection  is based on an interactive activity, the essence of which is the transcription of the participant's statement into a visual form using an author's device. The resulting object becomes very personal, and the written content is only a sign of the event. Dream collection , close-up | Kolekcja marzeń , zbliżenie, fot. Dorota Bulińska Dream collection happening/objects, 2021, foam board, FDM PLA print, 15 × 15 × 1 cm  Kolekcja marzeń działanie/obiekty, 2021, płyta piankowa, druk FDM PLA, 15 × 15 × 1 cm Dream collection , general view | Kolekcja marzeń , widok ogólny ekspozycji, fot. Dorota Bulińska The Dream collection is based on an interactive activity, the essence of which is the transcription of the participant's statement into a visual form using an author's device. The resulting object becomes very personal, and the written content is only a sign of the event. Dream collection , happening, participant signing the print | Kolekcja marzeń , działa