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to disappear [Galeria Pod Arkadami:Łomża:Poland]

to disappear  Description:  In a painted room every 15 seconds flash captures for a moment a shadow of the audience moving around the hall. What is more, the visitors, in addition to their primary role as the recipient of art, become also a co-author of an art object. The undertaken problem of a temporary commemoration relates to existentially marked questions about a human beings, physical existence, and finally the disappearance, when after the momentary perpetuated sign, it dissipates, leaving space to next entities. Unicell Poland , owner of Primacol brand, manufacturer of Neon paint helped to create the installation 'to disappear'. Here you can read the full text of  Plexus Solaris  by Dorota Perszko [polish version only]. znikać Opis pracy: W pomalowanym pomieszczeniu co 15 sekund lampa błyskowa utrwala na moment cień przemieszczającego się w obrębie sali widza. Zwiedzający, prócz swej podstawowej roli odbiorcy sztuki, staje się współtwórcą obiektu artystycznego. Pod