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1/1000 of a happening [VTDK:Vilnius:Lithuania]

1/1000 of a happening  is an interactive performance inviting viewers to participate in the process. One is being invited to stand in front of the camera to have commemorative photograph taken. Before the act itself it is suggested to adjust a transparent film accordingly to one’s will. The outcome is multilayered photograph, in which the participant and background are covered by projected image. The process itself is imperceptible, mimicking the typical studio shot. The photograph is the only record of the projection as short as 1/1000 of a second. situational photographs by Radosław Górski Sincere thanks to authorities and employees of Vilnius College of Technologies and Design for warm welcome, possibility of realization of the exhibition and assistance during the entire process. authors' photographs of students and staff of  Vilnius College of Technologies and Design  taken during the event Exhibition realized during the internsh