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Sound of image | Image of sound // Notes [Warsaw Biographies:Profile Foundation:Warszawa:Poland]

Sound of image | Image of sound // Notes
happening, 2017, 3D print (PLA)
Dźwięk obrazu | Obraz dźwięku // Zapiski
działanie, 2017, druk 3D (PLA)

[scroll down for description]

Sound of image | Image of sound is a happening at the gallery of Profile Foundation in Warsaw as part of the Warsaw Biographies project. The idea was to meet with the people of Warsaw. The natives, tourists, students, but also those who came here looking for a new life. During the meeting, everyone could recall a picture of the first memory associated with this multidimensional city and tell about it. Each statement was recorded in audio form, and during the registration itself a material object that was a physical recording of the voice was created.
The author's instrument was used to transform speech to relief images. An individual character of each statement was captured in a technology based on 3D printing.

The presentation was complemented by an interactive wall-based projection that depicted sound in real-time…