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Machine Creative [MKiDN Scholarship "Culture on the Web"]

Introduction | WstępThe creative process begins with an idea that the artist initially carries within himself. Then he tries to bring it out and show it the world using the chosen medium. I would like to uncover this process for my audience. Invite creators, artists, and viewers to participate as an active commentator, shy observer, or direct participant. A machine-object will be used to show the creative process, the construction of which I will register, and make public. The source is a modern technology of 3D printing, resulting from my previous creative researches. I will reveal an observation of the development of the work, its creation, and its gradual evolution in the form of photo-video documentation in the Internet media. The final object will be both a work and a mechanical creator of subsequent objects created based on contact with recipients, their observations and built meanings. The object itself is a buckle that binds the idea of the project together. The last st…