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Chroma Theory []

Chroma Theory is an infinite scripted digital animation that is based on color theory.

All of the spots visible in a single rendering are subject to the rules of perception, mixing, matching, or contrasting colors. It is an NFT-specific artwork, making it possible to create generative individual pieces that are unique for their owners.

hash: 0x997b6ac9f8f9de6d2b25916ef16f16128505b13b3e9dad067e68d6b5dc9c02c3 hash: 0xe0a965985641e102f6f30d1cfbbbc0b8ba304a57ba7e250701311cfd5ba90260 hash: 0xc41f9f078ebf4130fe17a70600645d6a5d970ab8b222208d31dfaee6ec2ac12a hash: 0x2800dfc0bc5b52f8047e08dd435cb17fc4328767bc5edb5106ff554213205ddc hash: 0xcde86f23980b20c4d79a9138c3ac24edac6626c7e98878b40fa88c2ce2e42468 hash: 0x5b1e5cc89c5ba7174ccdd2c8973738a6a1ae718cc71b2b7c8eef7f27f4d34ec4 hash: 0x97c72f9996afb076481c8f9d0f6b478b90df1aac4caa457d0a8988cc5864bde7 hash: 0x10617676bc76cb2ad2abe7ff638babb4167d7962069fc9ea4c0e3467d74a0103 hash: 0x254f8cd443f293980e378181ee2da664447db51103aa40e114a0b2fbc5622f03 hash: 0x0abd12f4fc6d3e4d83718ba3c3466f6fee6654a49cae5c82ca5956100f7988f9 hash: 0xd4acda2e303c33b828d50532ae36de453472be0d21096c1028711c495b0952a6 hash: 0x032b8411c3ad3c89b5b1cad3585b440c43282c647169bfd112c45796aafddc5b
Chroma Theory
multiple stills fading, digital image, 2021, dimensions variable, hashes:

Chroma Theory is the infinite animation filled with color, where you can experience slight movement, irregular pulse, and tonal diffusion. It's the abstract study of color coexistence and mutual interference, from pastel hues to vivid compositions. A minimalistic variation on visual media art. Every aspect (colors, sizes, mixing, and movement) is assigned to the process of minting, which makes every piece unique. Sit back, relax and give it time.

This project is a homecoming to the beginning of my art creation – photography and CGI. Ever since I've started to explore the generative art world, I wanted to offer people unique items, that they could relate to and claim a personal piece. Finding out about the NFT and was a dream come true.

Until Chroma Theory, in generative projects like The Faces of the Circle [2018], (Un)necessary [2016], or Populations [2016] final artworks were selected by me and limited to those, I decided to create and exhibit. There are no such limitations in the digital world, which makes art more personal with a hint of surprise. 


Chroma Theory
multiple stills, digital image, 2021, dimensions variable, hover for hash details

Chroma Theory
still, digital image, 2021, dimensions variable, hash:


P5js script is presented below. It is generated in real-time as you see it.
You can input known hash or press random for new seed.

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